Сын Жанны Фриске восстанавливается после операции Grandmother told about the state of Plato. According to his mother, Zhanna Friske Olga Vladimirovna, recently the boy was removed adenoids. Dmitry Shepelev did not give the relatives to see the boy, although the court had previously established the procedure for their meetings.

The family of Jeanne Friske still can not make appointments with Plato. According to a recent court decision, the boy could see grandmother Olga Vladimirovna and grandfather Vladimir Borisovich, but this year the son of the singer and did not communicate with loved ones. And recently, the child reported that his cousin died.

“If he is able to say that grandma Olga died, I think he is ready for anything, only that the child had not seen a grandmother or grandfather or aunt. I feel like a bug that just want to grind. He has no respect for adults. Not that I Jannina mother, he has no respect for people. This year there was not one meeting with his grandson. He specifically is doing,” – said Olga.

According to the mother of Zhanna Friske and Shepelev comes up with any reasons not to allow meetings of the grandmother and the grandfather with his grandson. Recently Plato had surgery, but they are not even allowed to see him.

“Now he said that the child has adenoids removed, the child was the operation. Indeed, the surgery. The child is recovering. But it is outpatient, he wasn’t in the hospital, you know what a child’s adenoids. I don’t even know who to ask about the health of my grandson,” said the mother Friske.

The mother of the actress says that the boy will not be to know. On one of the visits Plato did not accept a gift from her grandmother. “The previous meeting was in November, when we were at children’s musical theater. I went and asked the guards: “Young man, I’m a grandmother, I can sit with the grandson, I have 1.5 hour meetings a month?”. Plato I immediately learned, was delighted, and showed me some perevodilki on hand. Immediately afterwards the Pope made him a sign, he ran to his father. I later called “Platosha, come, grandma miss you get him a toy, and he told me quietly said: “I do not allow you to accept gifts,” shared Olga Vladimirovna with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Family Friske worried that they will not be able to see the boy even to the day of his fifth anniversary in April.