The son of Yuri Galtseva admitted why hooked on alcohol and drugs

Сын Юрия Гальцева признался, почему подсел на алкоголь и наркотики Michael revealed the truth about the causes of severe dependence, which he was able to overcome. Now the man is helping those who are faced with similar problems. The star father is trying to maintain an heir.
Сын Юрия Гальцева признался, почему подсел на алкоголь и наркотики

Recently Yury Galtsev visited his son in the Kurgan region. 36-year-old Michael is working as a volunteer in one of the rehabilitation centers, helping those who are trying to overcome severe addiction. The heir of the parodist was a stormy past. Now, says Galtsev, he does not abuse it.

Yuriy Galtsev I visited my son in rehab

In a recent interview, Michael spoke about the reasons that prompted him to start taking banned substances and get involved in alcohol. The son of comedian nearly ruined my life.

“I grew up and live in my native Kurgan. I had a tumultuous youth: discos, girls, guitar… Drank, and I was good fun, went all fears. Drugs also contribute to the fact that the person took off the mask, relax. (…) I drank for the sake of emancipation, and this gradually escalated into dependence,” said the man.
Сын Юрия Гальцева признался, почему подсел на алкоголь и наркотики

Galtsev has denied speculation that got hooked on drugs and alcohol because of a stellar father. When the impersonator moved from his native Kurgan to Saint-Petersburg, his son was a year and a half. Despite the fact that Yuri broke up with his wife, he continued to participate in the upbringing of the heir.

“I am proud that I have such a father. Emphasize, beloved father! – Galtsev has shared with journalists. Papa went to St. Petersburg, but lived in the two cities. As soon as he had a day off or free time, immediately came, we walked together, and talked. It has always been in my life. And its part in my education tremendously”.

Michael often went to her father to St. Petersburg, and at one time lived there. The man admitted that he did not like big cities, which he calls “ant”. Galtseva was always drawn to the place where he was born. The son of a parodist like to live in the Mound, he feels comfortable there.

In the words of the heir of the humorist, he was never jealous of his second family. Michael is familiar with Gallaway Mary, the daughter of parents from the second marriage. Children parodist get along well together. 15 years ago the actor became a grandfather for the first time – Michael’s son Yury was born. It was named after a famous relative. “Father loves him. Often it comes,” Michael shared with the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Recall that after the breakup with his first wife Yuri Galtsev legalized relationship with actress Irina Rakshina. The future spouses met on the construction team in Kazakhstan. In February 1992 they had a daughter Maria. According to some, she works as a fitness trainer.