Сын Яны Рудковской публично попросил у нее прощения Sasha turned to the mother with a sincere confession. Three-year-old heir to Yana Rudkovskaya calls her mother. Star mother remained nothing how to take touching apology to a young son.

      Сын Яны Рудковской публично попросил у нее прощения

      Three-year-old heir to producer Yana Rudkovskaya and famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko Sasha is becoming quite a popular personality on the Network. The boy has its own microblog, which while it is mom. To win the love of fans Dwarf Gnomic, as they call the baby’s parents, help short videos with his participation, which periodically puts Yana Rudkovskaya on Instagram son. Reasoning Sasha or video with his pranks always filled with such kindness and love that cause the same reaction in everyone who watches the videos with a Dwarf Gemachim in the title role. Yana Rudkovskaya gave son Sasha baby

      Another flurry of touching comments have collected a story in which Sasha apologizes to Jana for what hurt her – playing thrown in her plate. Starry site these days resting in Sochi, and parents spend a lot of time with his beloved heir, trying to capture on camera touching moments of life so quickly growing son.

      “Who threw my mom a plate?”, – strictly asks Yana Rudkovskaya son. “I” – frankly admits Sasha. “You did that on purpose? Sorry!”, – demanded Jan. “Forgive me, mother! – leaping, laughing, says Sasha. – Mommy, sweetheart, I’m sorry.” “Oh, and Joker you, Sasha”, – melted from the confessions of the younger son, said Yana Rudkovskaya.

      A short video and resourcefulness Sasha immediately appreciated the subscribers of his microblog. “Mother! Well, handsome!”, “Charges a lot of energy. Always watching, he’s cool” “What a sweet bully!”, “Ian, every time I look your videos and so positive! What enchanting your son”, “I Love a resourceful kid! He’s always positive. Not a whiner, witty and funny boy!”, “Mother’s favorite – well done!”, – admire the fans of the star family.

      It is worth noting that the son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko precocious. Despite his young age, Sasha is very intelligent and shows interest in various activities. The boy is taught by professional teachers, besides he has a wonderful nurse. Parents develop both mental and physical activity Sasha. The son of stars for some time engaged with the coach of the football and making this first success. And recently dad Evgeni Plushenko put the kid on skates.

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