Сын Яны Поплавской стыдился ее возраста Nikita wished that mom was always young. Yana Poplavskaya is happy that she has a small age difference with children, but because now that they have grown up, have strength and energy in order to achieve their goals.
Сын Яны Поплавской стыдился ее возраста

The actress Yana Poplavskaya has two sons, 32-year-old Kevin and 21-year-old Nikita. The girl playing little red riding hood became a mother at 17. She does not deny that she was difficult to study, work and raise a firstborn. However, she was nice to feel like a young parent. 11 years later was born the second son of the artist. However, it is differently perceived by age of mother.

“Nikita do when I was a kid (he went to kindergarten) said to me: “Mommy, promise me, when I grow up, because you’ll never be”. I said, “Son, do old I you won’t need me?” And he answered, giggling: “yeah, mommy. The climate, it turns out, there is mom-girl, what have we got?” “Son, I understand. I will try very hard not to grow old,” said I,” recalls Poplavskaya.

Jan not takes the side of those couples who in old age become parents. She thinks mom and dad should take care of the baby, not Vice versa. In her opinion, the child should be confident in the fact that he has a reliable rear, and it will not remain an orphan. Furthermore, the artist recalls the joy with which participated in all the games of their children.

Yana Poplavskaya explained as resigned with a frightening passion sons

“This is the objective: when a person passes 45, his biorhythms start to work differently, comes into force the law of energy conservation: you is much harder to get up early in the morning, you’re glad that it was raining, the walk is cancelled, the after working day, you want to quickly change into comfortable clothes and lie down on the sofa,” says Ian.

Poplavskaya does not agree with the opinion that more Mature parents are stable, and therefore can easily pay for a good babysitter to give the child to prestigious kindergarten and school. She believes that for kids is important not these indicators. Ian admitted that for her children, she also hired teachers who were as young as she is. “When it comes to children, always have to sacrifice something. Of course, the rhythm was frantic. But I am deeply convinced that children must deal with is the parents. Only when you put in a child’s strength only when you walk with him his sick stomachs and temperature, only when you didn’t have anyone to leave him, only when you take a shower in three seconds with the door open while the baby is sleeping – only then realize you’re a parent, it’s your baby,” shared the actress with arguments “Leider”.