The son of will Smith has released a new collection of clothing for men with blouses and skirts

Сын Уилла Смита выпустил новую коллекцию одежды для мужчин с блузками и юбками

You are already used to the fact that more and more men prefer women’s clothes? If not, then you need to hurry… And all because of this fashion all the more tightly part of our lives. For example, with the help of Jaden Smith son of will Smith.

18-year-old guy together with brand MSFTS released an unusual collection of clothing for men, where you can see the skirts trapezoidal shape, leather jackets, shirts with fringe.

“Let the world hates me because I wear a women’s leather dress. But I will continue to do so. As well as producing such things for MSFTS, “said Smith.

“You know, in five years the boys can wear skirts to school, and for this they will not beat classmates. I feel that people often confuse gender norms. But I don’t see the difference. I don’t understand what “men” or “women’s clothing”, I just see scared people and people who feel comfortable,” said Jaden in an interview with Nylon, promoting his collection.

Strange…All very strange.