The son of Will and Utyasheva educates sister

Сын Воли и Утяшевой воспитывает сестру The heir to the presenter and showman around trying to help my mother. Laysan utiasheva’m glad Robert is a two-role models – Paul Will. Already the boy shows himself as a true gentleman.

      Сын Воли и Утяшевой воспитывает сестру

      In the family of popular comedian Pavel Volya and TV presenter Laysan Utyasheva now grow up two children, son Robert and daughter Sofia. Despite the fact that the girl is a year old, the wife of the showman is active and perfectly combines career aspirations with caring for family. Of course, Laysan cannot do without assistance in the care of the children, and so their homes often visit grandparents. But even the eldest son is trying to make life easier for mom and watches over her younger sister.

      “I Rob for helper, although he is still three years no. Give the task: “Robert, I want to eat, come learn with Sofia, show her the card, tell who on them is depicted, what color it is”. And it’s so like him! It can take almost an hour to teach Sofia, and she listens, she’s funny, interesting — happy, considering these cards. Robert as a teacher strictly with it costs and controls that she didn’t take them in my mouth. Children are in sight, and I cleaned, cooked. Rob already and can do the dishes to wash, and Sofochka to bring what you need,” said Laysan.

      Marriage Laysan and Paul many fans consider it almost perfect. Beautiful wedding ceremony took place in 2012, and since then the couple have not given the slightest reason to doubt the sincerity of their relationship. Fans by surprise as they try to find time in a busy schedule not only for their heirs but also manage to spend time alone together. Utiasheva admits that her husband is very sensitive to her concerns. “Protects me, he is attentive, a big daddy who cares that I just ate, drank water as much as necessary” – shared Laysan.

      Wife of Will believes that such care of her husband – the result of education and imitation of the relations of his parents. According to Laysan, Paul always surprises her beautiful men’s deeds. Now son Robert began to follow his example and grow a real gentleman.

      “He can say, “Mom, how beautiful your dress is!” No one teaches that. Rob sees that the Pope says the compliments, and does the same thing,” said Laysan in an interview with “TV guide”.

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