Сын Вячеслава Шалевича заподозрил его вдову в необузданной корысти The heir of the artist, condemned the behavior of his fourth wife Tatiana Vinogradova. Ivan Shalevich made accusations against the women in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. In his opinion, that was not right, trying to isolate themselves from other relatives of the husband.
Сын Вячеслава Шалевича заподозрил его вдову в необузданной корысти

Dmitry Fedotov claims to be the illegitimate heir to the people’s artist of Russia Vyacheslav Shalevich. The young man told his story in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. According to Dmitry, his mother is worried and forbade the star to give his name to his son.

As suggested by Fedotov, widow of celebrity Tatiana Vinogradova doesn’t want to accept it. According to the young man, the woman can influence her husband so that it is less in contact with children from other relationships.

“My father and I see each other often, went to a cafe, I came to his office. But then our relationship was reduced to phone calls. When we met with John (the other son Shalevich. – Approx.) I found out that this happens not only with me. This was due to the emergence of a fourth wife, father,” said Dmitry.
Сын Вячеслава Шалевича заподозрил его вдову в необузданной корысти

When Fedotov is still met with Fedotova after his father’s death, she asked him not to tell about their relationship with the actor. “They said that to advertise is a bad, unreasonable. Offered me money so I can’t come in the lives of her family. She just wanted me gone, and ideally, so I did not have”, – said Dmitry.

The son of Vyacheslav Shalevich Ivan, born in the third marriage of the artist, also appeared in the Studio program. He told about the first time I met my brother. Young people introduced the actor himself. According to Ivan, the fourth wife of V. A. goes wrong, refusing to communicate with children spouse and other relationships. The heir Shalevich believes that Tatiana Vinogradova was guided by selfish reasons, therefore, appropriated someone else’s. Particularly strong Ivan resent the situation with a cultural institution that was led by the artist.

“Theatre of a name of Simonov is a great mental pain. No sooner had the soul of my mother to go to another world, as it appeared. First Director of the theater was her brother who worked in construction. And over time the theater Director was a man with medical training. This is ridiculous, – complains Ivan. My dad was a zombie because of this woman. He did what he is said to have signed the documents. In the end it turned out that he suffered by other people. Great singers who are kicked out into the street.”
Сын Вячеслава Шалевича заподозрил его вдову в необузданной корысти

Son Shalevich tried to intervene, but his attempts were not crowned with success. According to the man, the father prevented his initiative, referring to the ban of the wife. And the apartment in which was the youth of Ivan, now belongs to other people. As stated by the heir of the actor, it is Tatyana Vinogradov insisted on the sale of real estate.

“I sincerely want, to be done justice – the real, human. As for the story not to see the truth in her little. It has a dirt, rudeness, theft. Everything but the truth”, – says Ivan.