The son of Vlad Listyev, who grew up with a copy of his father, he got a job in television

Сын Влада Листьева, выросший копией отца, получил работу на телевидении
Alexander together with Yana Churikova will lead a musical talk show.

Yana Churikova and Alexander Leaf

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Yandex.Music and the Studio “Red square”, on account of which the production
such successful TV shows as “the Voice”, “best”, “Fashion verdict” and others
launched the music talk show “#namesake”.

Leading steel Yana Churikova and son
Vlad Listyev, Alexander. At the event devoted to launching the project, came was
amazed how the son of legendary TV presenter — Alexander Leaves — similar
his father. Not only externally, but also in the manner to behave: a low-key,
intelligent, subtle and sparkling.

“#namesake” will
to go live on Yandex.Music and other Yandex services, as well as on TV
Where MTV will air a repeat of the program a week after broadcast. Heroes
the show will include popular musicians who occupies the top line in the Chart
Yandex.Music either cause an increased interest among Internet users.

First release will be the rapper L’one, he regularly hits the charts
the most popular artists. More than 400 thousand listeners Yandex.Music
said its like on the service. Heroes following programs — MOT, IOWA, Dmitry Malikov and other musicians. The show will be released weekly from February 15.

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