The son of Vlad Listyev first told, how survived the death of his father

Сын Влада Листьева впервые рассказал, как пережил смерть отца Journalist killed more than twenty years ago. In the words of the heir of Vlad Listyev, Alexander, then it’s like he stole my childhood. Years later after the tragedy, a relative of the well-known leader admitted that he had “incredible connection” with a parent.
Сын Влада Листьева впервые рассказал, как пережил смерть отца

34-year-old Alexander Leaf, the son of a prominent journalist, became the leading talk show “#namazake”, which will be published online and broadcast on MTV. With him in the frame will appear Yana Churikova. In anticipation of the premiere of the project, Alexander told reporters about why he decided to come out of the shadows, as well as their loved ones.

The son of Vlad Listyev got a job at a talk show

When Vlad Leaves died, his son was 12 years old. Alexander frankly told about how experienced the death of a loved one. The heir to the presenter did not hide the fact that he had a very hard time.

“Of course, I remember everything. I was a normal kid. And in 12 years I was robbed of my childhood. It ended. Started adult life. That’s all. Interesting, different. Sad. Joyful. And not very happy. But overall, a very exciting and interesting. Life has just begun. And continues,” – said Alexander.

Listyev’s career on TV began in 2002 thanks to Alexander Lyubimov. The heir to the well-known leader began with the work of the administrator. According to Alexander, he always wanted to work in television.

“I never came to think about some other profession. My dad was an incredible contact, – said the son of a journalist. – Despite its strong employment for work I have never experienced the lack of communication with him, his attention. My father often took me with him in Ostankino”.

At first, Alexander tried not to advertise kinship with Vlad Listyev. If a young person asked, he said he was a namesake. The son of the first General Director of ORT never wanted to use his name to make a career. “Always thought that you need to use your own achievements and skills,” said Alexander.

The first project of Listyev was “the Last hero”. While working on the popular reality show he got his professional relationships and gained valuable experience. After graduation, Alexander started to work in television on a regular basis. At different times he was a coordinator, producer, Executive and program Director. To be the leading son Listyev invited Ilya Krivitsky, CEO of the company “Red square”.

Today he is happily married. He has two children – 10-year-old Alexander and 8-year-old Arseny. According to Listyev, his heirs was not just on his grandfather’s grave at the cemetery Vagankovsky. In 2013, Alexander appeared in the center of a scandal by staging a drunken accident on the ring road. On that occasion he recalls with a shudder. “After this incident, I became totally law-abiding citizen,” – said of Leaves

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