Cын Виктории Бекхэм повторит судьбу Джастина Бибера
Bieber congratulated 11-year-old “colleague” with success.

Cын Виктории Бекхэм повторит судьбу Джастина Бибера

Victoria Beckham with son Cruz

Photo: Instagram.com

David and Victoria Beckham — the parents of her youngest son Cruz
not hide the pride in his talented offspring. The fact that the young
the musician has already recorded his composition devoted to Christmas, the debut of which
took place today on the London radio Britain’s Capital FM. In anticipation of this event, David wrote in his
microblog: “I’m so proud of my little man Cruz Beckham! Listen
his first single If Every Day Was Christmas on the radio!”

About the musical talent of the son of Beckham world
find out when David spring has posted in
Instaram video, which captured
as the boy performs a song from the movie Pitch Rerfect,
called Sir. While the young singer
demonstrated excellent vocal skills and outstanding sense of rhythm. And
this video was a great success: it attracted bole 700 thousand “likes”.

And this fall, Cruz sang and posted a cover version
songs Justin Bieber — Home
to Mama.
And this time he made a strong impression not only on ordinary
Internet users, but also the author of the composition — Bieber. He left on
page moms Cruz in social networking your opinion: “Young Cruz, you did a great
job, buddy!”

Incidentally, many believe that the voice of Cruz
very reminiscent of the vocals of Bieber at the time when he started
his career. Moreover, according to some experts, Beckham’s son now
sings better than young Bieber, although he is three years less than Justin
when it was talked about for the first time. Indirect confirmation of this was real
the battle that is raging for the right to become Manager of young Cruz.

Interest in the son of Victoria showed many
including TV presenter and producer Simon Coles and
Rodney Jerkins working with
Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. At first, to lead the musical career of the son
took was his mother Victoria, a young ex-soloist of Spice Girls.
However, as it became known the other day, she decided to entrust the fate of his son
professional. Contract Cruz signed a well-known Manager Scooter Braun,
at the time, who discovered Bieber. And specialists predict that Cruz is not
less brilliant career than Justin.

David Beckham with his sons Brooklyn,Romeo and Cruz

Photo: Instagram.com