The son of Valery Zolotukhin debuted in the film

Сын Валерия Золотухина дебютировал в кино
The heir of the actor played a major role in the youth film “EINS, ZWEI, DREI”.

Сын Валерия Золотухина дебютировал в кино

Сын Валерия Золотухина дебютировал в кино

Today, November 18, the son of Valeriy Zolotukhin and Irina Lindt was 12
years. Birthday of the heir to the actors of the pair coincided with two important
events in the life of the boy. In Moscow cinema “Horizon”
the premiere of the first part of the Russian-German trilogy “EINS,
ZWEI, DREI”, where Zolotukhin Jr. played a major role,
became his debut movie. In this film starred and mother of Ivan Irina Lindt, which is the script writer of the film.

And also Ivan in his birthday dedicated to “Lomonosov” with
other students “Lomonosov school”, where he studied the boy. The ceremony
was held in the building of the Museum of history of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov.

“I’m proud of
what was the “Lomonosova” because now I feel part of the
family Lomonosovskaya school, — said Ivan Zolotukhin And I am glad that the dedication took place in my 12th birthday. It
the ceremony for fifth graders, and then we, the heirs of the University,
named after our school, to choose his way – to
knowledge, sport or art”.

In different years “Lomonosov” were the heirs of the family Malkovich, singer
Jasmine, the singer’s Fame, the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov and the other children
the famous parents.