The son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” will sweep the streets

Сын вице-президента «Лукойла» будет мести улицы The court ruled on the case of Ruslan Shamsuarov. The heir of the businessman has violated the rules of the road in front of law enforcement officers. For the crime the young man was sentenced to 300 hours of obligatory works.

    Сын вице-президента «Лукойла» будет мести улицы

    The court ruled in the case involving the son of Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov. This spring, a young man and his friends rode Gelandewagen, breaking the rules of the road and shooting trip on video. The company entered the race with the police officers who saw the events. The car belonging to Shamsuarov, tried to escape from them at high speed.

    After the incident, the young man got to escape responsibility and hide. However, a few days Ruslan apologized on his page on the social network and asked the journalists not to touch his family.

    “I have learned from the incident, I sincerely apologized. I’m still worried about the incident. I especially hard, because our action may tarnish the reputation of my family and other people who do not have any relation to it. I’m a grown man, and my family not any longer responsible for my actions,” said Shamsuarov.
    Сын вице-президента «Лукойла» будет мести улицы

    Today Gagarin Moscow city court acquitted the offenders on the key episode: the threat of violence to the police. Car Mercedes G63 AMG was seized from Shamsuarov in favor of the state. The driver of the vehicle Abduvahob madzhidov was acquitted on all counts. Ruslan and his friend Viktor Uskov was sentenced to 300 hours of compulsory labor for insulting police officers.

    As recalled Shamsuarov, the day they returned from the club around 4 am. Because he Uskov was drunk behind the wheel sat Abduvahob madzhidov. “Maybe I gave advice, but the steering wheel and pedals in the car are installed only in one place. The driver is not up to me, I can’t give him guidance,” said Ruslan after an incident.

    The punishment, which established the court, suggests that local authorities are free to decide what the mandatory work will perform Shamsuarov. Probably he will cleaning and beautification of streets and other urban areas, care for the sick and elderly and other activities. On the day the defendant should carry on the work from two to four hours. In case of evasion, the offender may face imprisonment.