Сын погибшей Доктора Лизы: «Люблю тебя, мама...» The Executive Director of the Fund “Fair use” has always been willing to die for others and regularly risked his life to help the needy. In social networks there were posts made by relatives of the famous doctor.

      Сын погибшей Доктора Лизы: «Люблю тебя, мама...»

      Dr. Elizaveta Glinka, who devoted his life to saving other people, crashed in a terrible plane crash, which occurred on December 25 in Sochi. Many users of social networks believed that the woman sat on the fateful flight, however, in conversation with the correspondent of one of the editions of her husband, attorney Gleb Glinka, confirmed this information.

      The tragedy with Tu-154. As we remember Dr. Lisa

      Relatives of the Executive Director of the Fund “Fair help”, who died in the plane crash of the defense Ministry that until recently were silent. But a day later since the death of the passengers of the Tu-154 they have spoken about this in social networks. Close to Dr Lisa can’t believe what happened.

      “She was transported to Lapati medicine, helping children and the sick, was a ray of light in this world for many. She was the most wonderful person, the best mother-in-law, best friend and mentor. Very sorry that I can’t hug and say how much we love her, talk to her. Worse, I don’t know what to tell my daughter (her granddaughter and goddaughter). Our mother was a hero, a man with a capital letter. It helps everyone, not sparing himself. Appreciate your loved ones and cherish every moment spent with them” – a post full of sorrow, did Victoria of Sweden, daughter of Elizabeth Glinka.
      Сын погибшей Доктора Лизы: «Люблю тебя, мама...»

      The husband of the unfortunate girl published a picture together with the victim of the crash. “The last photo with my mom, I love you, mom…” – said Ilya Shvets.

      In light of recent events special importance is the recent speech of Elizaveta Glinka, in which she expressed her willingness to die. The woman was awarded the state prize in the Kremlin, it happened on 8 December.

      Pelagia on the death of Dr. Lisa: “It is an irreparable loss”

      “Tomorrow I’m flying to Donetsk, and from there to Syria, as well as other volunteers. And we are not sure that it will come back alive. Because war is hell on earth. And I know what I’m talking about”, said Elizaveta Glinka.

      Recall that the Tu-154 disappeared from radar a few minutes after departure from Sochi. The plane of the Ministry of defense had a scheduled trip to Syria. On Board were 92 people, including Elizabeth Glinka, artists Alexandrov ensemble, journalists and the military. No survivors. Currently we are investigating the incident. Monday, 26 December, became a day of mourning for the victims of the crash. Monday mourning: a day after the Tu-154 crash

      Сын погибшей Доктора Лизы: «Люблю тебя, мама...»