Сын Татьяны Васильевой показал идиллию с отцом и дочерью после конфликта Men established a relationship. Tatyana Vasilyeva said that her ex-husband Anatoly not interested in the life of grandchildren. Recently, the actor visited the heir and spent time with a little Myrrh.
Сын Татьяны Васильевой показал идиллию с отцом и дочерью после конфликта

Actress Tatyana Vasileva has been married to her husband Anatoly 10 years. They had a son Philip. However, the couple divorced when the boy was five years old. Since then, between native people had a strained relationship – the actress said that the ex-spouse did not devote enough time to their heirs.

Not so long ago in one of television Vasiliev said that Anatoly Alexandrovich older grandchildren, but he is not interested in their life.

“He’s in a bunch of grandchildren he has not seen them, once, maybe. What is this, is this normal?” – said Tatyana.
Сын Татьяны Васильевой показал идиллию с отцом и дочерью после конфликта

After that, the son of the star couple Philip posted a photo in the microblog. In the picture he took of a meeting of the daughter Mira, who was born in his marriage with actress Mary Blankenau. Their meeting took place in a very warm atmosphere – a girl sat in the arms of the Pope, and father and son hugged each other’s shoulders.

“So dad dropped by, so to speak, between rehearsals,” wrote Philip.

Fans were pleased that the older actor took the time to see my granddaughter. They admired the fact that after the conflict, the native people continue to maintain cordial relations.

“Dad and adult son is always touching. Both are beautiful, worthy and rightfully can be proud of each other! This is not happiness, and the rest is nonsense. Friendship and affection for many years to come!”, “I’m very glad that you made up. Happiness and kindness”, “After all these years, so pleased to see Philip happy,” wrote a follower.

Also Anatoly Alexandrovich has two grandchildren who came to Philip in marriage with Anastasia Begunova. But now a woman with children living in Germany and waiting for the third child from a new partner. She did not allow the relatives to see the boys, as it was considered outrageous that famous relatives do not help them financially. Tatiana Vasilieva is going to buy two apartments in Moscow only in order to be able to regularly see adorable grandchildren. Tatiana Vasilieva buying condos grandchildren to make peace with the daughter-in-law