The son of Tatiana Vasilyeva married for the second time

Сын Татьяны Васильевой женился во второй раз
The young wife of Philip Vasil’eva will give birth in the coming days.

Santa Barbara continues, who knows, the one in the subject))) After infidelity Anastasiii Begunova, girls from Omsk and their two children, Philip Vasiliev fell in love with the actress Bolonkina that’s for sure, Holy place is never empty on Saturday in Tagansky registry office has registered a new couple Vasilyev’s 9 month Bolonkina Maria became Maria Vasilyeva #bolonkina #ZAGS #philipville #legman #family #love #zurbenko #actors

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The son of the legendary
actress Tatyana Vasilyeva Philip married a second time in Tagansky
The registry office he married with the actress Mary Blankenau, which, incidentally, is on
the ninth month of pregnancy.

how to meet Mary, Philip was already married, and also actress — Anastasia
Begunova. In this marriage Vasiliev had two sons John and Gregory, but even
for the children, Philip and Anastasia were not
try to save the relationship.

I wonder
that legman is now also in the last stages of pregnancy: with
children, she went to Germany, where her new husband.

We will remind, at
Tatyana Vasilyeva two adult children — Philip (from the marriage of actor Anatoly
Vasiliev) and Lisa (from her marriage with actor Georgi Martirosyan).

was four years old when I divorced his father, actor Anatoly
Vasiliev — told Vasiliev in an interview — Me and my life
then abruptly changed, and the life of her son. I just felt like it
the future has been shaken. It’s my fault. One could, perhaps, in the name of the child
to keep the family together. My second marriage with Georgi Martirosyan, father of Lisa,
also disintegrated. And it turned out that I was trying to their children to replace all
whom life has scattered. Philip recently has begun to chat with
my dad. I really believe that a couple of times a year to visit my son and
grandchildren is not enough. But people say, “Well, that at least so”.
So, it’s OK.

Now Philip was already the father himself. Although I expected that
it will generally be children. Because despite his manly appearance
my son is rather infantile. And he was the perfect parent! He
houses barracks — the kids on the team sit behind the Desk, clean room. I
look at them and remember Philip, I couldn’t even get
put socks in place”.

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Tatyana Vasilyeva with his son Philip