Сын Татьяны Лютаевой закончил школу экстерном
Dominic graduated from 11 classes in 10 years.

Сын Татьяны Лютаевой закончил школу экстерном

Tatiana lutaeva with her daughter Agnia Ditkovskite and son Dominic

Photo: Facebook Tatiana Lutaeva

The family of Tatiana Lyutaeva — joyous occasion: her son Dominic graduated from
school externally. Instead of 11 years capable young man, studied for 10, saving. As
and many other moms, the actress has moved and discovered an old family album
where I found the photo of the House (so affectionately call her son — ed.) that
goes to the first class.

“Ten years have passed,” says the star. — And I
had no time to blink. Take care of your family, live each day to the fullest.
Thank the children that were born from you. To help those in need. Be
curious at any age. The positive and the humor will extend and qualitatively elevate
your life. And you’re my son, in a good way! Love you!”

During this time, the House of the funny haired boy
turned into a pretty interesting young man.
The young man decided to enter the Higher school of Economics. Edition 7days.ru
wish Dominic good luck!

By the way, Dominic is not
only talented in many areas (for example, he draws well), but
touching takes care of his sister agniyu Ditkovskite. So much so that Agnes
it is recognized that by brother can afford to be a little

And he’s always ready to babysit my nephew two year old son
Agniey from marriage to Alexei Chadov Vanechka. “Dominic helps me a lot
supports, ” says Agnes. — He’s a rock.”

Dominic in childhood

Photo: Facebook Tatiana Lutaeva

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