Сын Татьяны Лютаевой поступил в МГУ
Dominic will be studying on one of the most popular among students of the faculties.

Tatiana lutaeva son Dominic

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

In Tatyana’s life Luchevoy ongoing series of happy events. No sooner had the actress is happy that her son Dominic graduated from high school
externally, like a young man again, happy star mother.

The results of the exam allowed
to qualify the young man for enrolling in one of the most prestigious universities
of the country — Moscow state University. Dominic has stood the examination tests and fall
will continue his studies at the faculty “High school of management and innovation”. About it
wanted Dominic, and my mother strongly supported capable and talented son.

“Here is the happy mother”, signed lutaeva the photo in a social network, where she and her son in the car rides to the festival. Guests of the forum
was amazed how grown up and Mature Dominique. Surprised at how quickly time flies, and Tatyana.

years — shared the actress, ” and I had no time to blink. Take care
loved ones live each day to the fullest. Thank the children that were born
it is up to you. To help those in need. Be curious at any age.
The positive and the humor will extend and efficiently elevate your life. And you, my son,
good luck! Love you!”

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