The son of Tatiana Bulanova dreams of becoming a Barista

Сын Татьяны Булановой мечтает стать бариста Children singer not used to living in luxury. The senior heir of Tatiana Bulanova began to work her at the University. Now he is taking courses to become a professional in the field of coffee making.

      Сын Татьяны Булановой мечтает стать бариста

      Children of Tatiana Bulanova grow the same hard working as she is. The eldest son of the singer, the 23-year-old Alexander, after the end of the 11th grade entered the Institute of culture, and started to work. In interviews Bulanova said that at school my son was not brilliant, but overall quite good. Over time, however, Alexander realized: study on humanitarian direction — not the occupation that appealed to him. Therefore, the heir Bulanova decided to switch to another activity. At the moment he very much wants to engage in the restaurant business. Alexander has the experience in this field — for some time he worked in one school catering and, according to the famous mother, constantly surprised her with his knowledge about coffee. By the way, Alexander never kopeks didn’t ask for Tatiana, ever since he turned 18. Young man contains himself.

      Сын Татьяны Булановой мечтает стать бариста

      “My children are not spoiled, neither money nor toys. So from the time the student Sasha worked at the coffee shop. Now dreams of becoming a professional Barista in a fairly well-known company. There you have to pass special training. Now he does, I hope he will succeed. And about money I can say that he hasn’t asked me a single penny. But if we go somewhere together for lunch, won’t let me pay the bill, takes the costs,” says the singer.

      As for the younger heir Bulanova, he is still too young to provide for themselves and to pay for the mother in the cafe. 9-year-old Nikita goes to school and the only thing he wants now is a new bike. Of course, the singer takes the desire of a boy for my birthday and presented him what he always wanted.

      “Sasha has long dreamed of bike. But not simple, but special, with small wheels. And for his birthday I decided to fulfill a dream. Now regularly ride together in the Park: me, Sasha and Nikita,” he shared with Tatiana Bulanova

      Honored artist Tatyana Bulanova has achieved everything on her own. She was born in a military family, my parents enrolled my daughter in music school, as he was fond of this form of art. Since the students she started to earn a living. Studying at the Leningrad Institute of culture, she simultaneously received money for work of a librarian. When Bulanova has become quite a famous singer and was expecting her first child with Sasha, she did not stop singing and touring. According to the memoirs of the actress, it was one of the most difficult periods in her life.

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