Сын певицы Натали перепутал маму с Валерией The boy did not know a native person. Natalie shared a funny story with your fans. Someone said that women are really very similar to each other, and someone decided that they are totally different.

      Сын певицы Натали перепутал маму с Валерией
      Сын певицы Натали перепутал маму с Валерией

      Singer Natalie about 25 years old happily married with her husband Alexander Rudin and has two children – 15-year-old five-year Arseny and Anatoly. Children know that their mother is a pop singer and public person, and often glimpsed on television, and also appears in the press.

      The youngest son, accustomed to the fact that Natalie is a famous person have her confused with another popular star of the pop scene – Valeria. Apparently, blonde hair and blue eyes brought a small Anatolia at the thought that the woman on the magazine cover is his mom. Natalie was quick to share a funny story with his fans on the social network.

      “Mom, do you know who is this? – ask me son now on the street. – It’s you!” – Natalie wrote in the microblog.

      Fans with humor reacted to the words a little Anatolia, and someone noted that the two Actresses are really similar to each other. “You have a good son,” “You are very similar, so!”, “Haha, don’t know, I never confuse, in my opinion, you do not look only at certain angles, at a certain hairstyle and makeup”, – expressed his opinion of the fans.

      The artist tries to do everything, that the children know what is show business and knew how hard life artists. Natalie told me that once invited his children to star in her video that they were able to see all the work from the inside.

      “There were, of course, the moment when it seemed to me that my sons don’t quite understand what I do. It is my job seen as easy, fun and relaxing, which is what I always feared. So I asked them to do my video for the song “Volodya”. During the filming of the video the boys realized what hard work it is to be an artist” – confessed the actress in an interview.

      Fans never cease to marvel at how Natalie manages to juggle raising children, creative activities and at the same time look great. Singer easy to find a balance between work and taking care of family, and even does not exclude the birth of the third heir.

      “For a long time did not utter the phrase: “Want a child”, because people want impossible. If another baby comes into our life, we nurture it and grow a person,” said Natalie.

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