The son of Sergey Zverev wants to sue his apartment

Сын Сергея Зверева хочет отсудить у него квартиру Heir of the famous stylist decided to take extreme measures. Zverev is the youngest father threatened to sue his living space, if not continue to help him financially. The relationship between the adopted son and father strained to the limit.
Сын Сергея Зверева хочет отсудить у него квартиру

The son of Sergey Zverev Sergey has learned that a foster a few years ago. After that, the family of the famous stylist began a series of endless COP and explanation of the relationship.

Now Zverev, the youngest tries to find biological parents. Relationship with his father, who had once adopted him deteriorate every day all is stronger. “StarHit” to determine which requirements are the guy to the stylist.

“James adopted him at 3 years old. Came to a charity event in Irkutsk children’s home, saw his small, obrisani bed. He thought it was rats, but these kids were chewing, from famine in the 90-ies. In his arms took it and ran from there. For the mother of the boy was the mom-older or younger suffered from asthma, choking nights, but they were treated, and health improved,” – said a source in the environment Zverev senior.

The stylist decided to make an adopted son of a celebrity. Serguei participated in the show father’s “Star in shock”. However, in the awkward age the beast Jr. got out of hand, according to the source, he began to steal money and things from home, constantly lied to. After school Sergey-senior gave the guy in the University.

“Son of a year pretending that I went there, but never appeared in the Institute never! Then Zverev-senior set it to different channels of the music leading, the son protested and said that he had a personal life. I refused work. And Sergey agreed on a good salary employment only 2 times a week for 2 hours!” – said a familiar stylist.
Сын Сергея Зверева хочет отсудить у него квартиру

The source is surrounded by Zverev Sr. said that upset with the behavior of the adopted son. The stylist refused to help him after a series of scandals.

“Zverev, the senior’s hard, frustrating, awful. About the parents of Sergey, Jr., unknown, perhaps, marginal. In the hospital the same write failures. In a recent post he wrote: “If dad won’t help, we’ll sue his apartment” Sergey-senior and helped until recently. Clothes every season, brand gave the son the money. But after all has ceased. It doesn’t work, neither he nor his wife,” shared acquaintance Zvereva senior.

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