Сын Сергея Зверева нашел биологическую мать The young man learned the results of a new DNA test. According to the research, Sergei Zverev, Jr. really is the son of a certain woman who contacted the program “really”.
Сын Сергея Зверева нашел биологическую мать

Many years ago in a fit of argument grandmother Sergei Zverev, Jr. informed the guy that took him from the orphanage. Despite the fact that in childhood Serge anything not needed was taken care of a stellar father, he decided in that whatever was to find his own mother, though often heard, that women are no longer alive.

Recently, his relationship with his father deteriorated and the reason for this was the wedding of a young man. 25-year-old Sergei married Julia, which did not like well-known stylist. The famous king outrageous stopped to help her son. “I let go: now he is free to live as he wants”, — said the artist.

In search of relatives Zverev, Jr. came to the program “actually”, where TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev promised to help him find the biological parents. After several failed DNA tests Sergei still found his own mother.

“The probability that a woman who is behind the scenes is your mom is 99.9%,” — said TV presenter.

Zverev, Jr. could barely hold back the tears. He waited so long for this moment. It turned out that after the birth of a guy called Dima, but then after his adoption his name was changed.

Meanwhile, Zverev senior has concerns about their son. Surrounded by stylist rumor has it that the guy wants to take his place. “Son of a year pretending that I went there, but never appeared in the Institute never! Then Zverev-senior set it to different channels of the music leading, the son protested and said that he had a personal life. I refused work. And Sergey agreed on a good salary employment only 2 times a week for 2 hours!” — said the familiar Zverev.

The young man claims not to need any financial assistance and can provide not only himself but also his wife Julia. His wife helps him in his long search for true Rodney.