The son of Sergei Filin and daughter Valeria Gai Germanicus divided the Desk

Сын Сергея Филина и дочь Валерии Гай Германики делят парту
Star children are together in “the Fidgets”.

Son Sergei Filin Sasha and daughter Valeria Gai Germanicus Octavius

Photo: press service

The son of Sergey Filina, Sasha, and daughter Valeria Gai Germanicus, Octavia, located this year at the same Desk of the theater-Studio “fidget”.

Children not only get to play nice with each other, but to help each other in the learning process. Sasha, as a more experienced student, the lessons solfege gladly shares with Octavia knowledge of the stave, intervals and thirds. Daughter Valeria Gai Germanicus attentive to the help Sasha and appreciates him for it.

Today Sasha Owl already many successful performances, including the participation in the project “Voice.Children” on the first channel. Octavia just beginning your musical journey in the theater-Studio “fidget”. Let’s see how successful this tandem, and how quickly Octavia will catch up with his classmate on the number of musical achievements.

In the famous children’s team also brought up such children of famous parents, as Taisiya Maslyakova, Anastasia, the Lamberti, Artem Arshavin, Vasilisa Grachevskaya, Alexander Valley and Alina Lazareva.