Сына Шона Пенна и Робин Райт арестовали

The son of Hollywood actor Sean Penn and star of the television series “house of cards” Robin Wright arrested for drug possession.

Сына Шона Пенна и Робин Райт арестовали

Hopper, a thief a trip with his girlfriend Uma background Wittkamp, violated the rules of driving, which was asked to stop the guards. As a law abiding citizen that stopped the car, but the behavior and appearance gave the son of famous actors. The police thought that the driver and his passenger are under the influence of drugs that proved to be true. As reported by the newspaper The New York Daily News, during a search of the car were found 14 grams of marijuana, four tablets of amphetamine and three grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Friend hopper was also arrested.

Сына Шона Пенна и Робин Райт арестовали
Last year, Hopper argued that addiction overcame. The addiction to drugs was affected by the difficult divorce of his parents, after which he began drinking. He fell in with bad company that are also influenced by the pernicious love of illegal substances.

Recall that the younger years of Sean Penn, too, was not straightforward. The actor led a wild lifestyle, where, like alcohol, and more serious relaxing substances. Given this, it is not surprising that the son of Penn followed the footsteps of his father and also addicted to prohibited drugs. Early in the conversation with journalists ES 23-year-old guy told me about his meth addiction.

Son Penn and Robin Wright has admitted that he was much influenced by the environment in which he was. Some of his buddies he called “bad company” and himself a “street bully”: “I was terrible. I was constantly caught on the use. Both the parents and the police. I used different drugs, but was mostly meth.”

To help your son not to end his life in a cesspit came from Sean, who tried to influence hopper ultimatums: “”I Once woke up in the hospital, and my father said, “Rehab or bench?” I said, “would you Prefer the bed.” Thank God that I went! It was the worst time in my life. To prove the point, when it’s not in this alone, — not funny”.

In addition to the hopper at Penn and Wright have a daughter Dylan. The actors were married from 1996 to 2010.