Сын принца Уильяма и Кейт Миддлтон не заинтересован в престоле и хочет стать полицейским

The heir to the Royal throne, Prince George is not interested in the throne. Son of Prince William and Kate Middleton are more attracted to a police career.

At the award ceremony Met Excellence Awards and gala concert dedicated to the London police, princes Harry and William talked to the honorary laureates and law enforcement officers. In the course of communication with the princes and heroes of the event, one of the policemen jokingly said that young George and Charlotte may be interested in the position of officers. “The set is opened. Maybe George and Charlotte interested?” — he joked.

Prince William the joke and said with complete seriousness, that little George is very interested in this profession. “He’s obsessed with the police. He has themed toys and cars,” he said.

Proof of the desire of George to a police career was a letter to Santa Claus, in which the child wished a squad car. “He didn’t make so many wishes, so to do one is completely not difficult,” said William, seeing Santa at the fair and handed over a letter son. The letter was also a graph which I ask, how did the little Prince this year. Prince George circled the word “good”. William drew the attention of Santa Claus on the circled word and confirmed that George was acting diligently for a year. As the little Prince left his Royal signature below the letter.

A gift for William, Santa gave mulled wine and traditional gingerbread cookies.