The son of Polina Gagarina “fight back” from Intrusive fans

Сын Полины Гагариной «отбивается» от назойливых поклонниц In anticipation of the big solo concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the famous singer appeared on Letterman Ivan Urgant. Polina Gagarina shared his creative plans and talked about people — her husband and children.

Heroes great the Friday edition of the program “Evening Urgant” become Paul Priluchny and Polina Gagarina. The famous singer sang the hit “no more Drama” and answered a few questions. During a conversation with Ivan Urgant at times, the singer could not hold back emotions. “Oh, the First channel and watch as I tried to tell interesting information. And Vanya… well, I almost choked from laughter,” shared Pauline emotions from filming in Instagram.

This spring, the singer became a mother for the second time. Polina Gagarina and her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakova was born adorable daughter MIA. The actress told how her life changed after the birth of her daughter.

“Actually, it’s different. Girls and boys are so different… If without jokes, then this is unconditional love, space. MIA is ten years younger than my son, and I feel completely different as a mother. It’s fantastic. Lullaby sings to the husband, he is not very good, but he does it with such zeal and knows all the words to children’s songs,” said star.

According to the singer, she and her husband were preparing older son Andrew to the emergence of a younger sister. “We told him: “You have become an adult and immediately fall asleep without one of fairy tales, because we’re going to take care of the baby”. He didn’t believe it and didn’t want to grow up. We fell asleep together, because the humanoids could peek around the corner,” recalls Gagarin.

However, after some time he suddenly changed, which greatly surprised the adults.

“And suddenly held two summer months, and he began to follow him, to do hair. Girls are not just texting, phone ringing, and we still have ten years. And the girls are older!.. For me it’s a shot. He’s already brought one, we met… I think I’m a grim mother-in-law, disgusting”, — the singer said through the laughter.

The newscast also showed a plot in which Ivan Urgant, Alla Mikheeva, Alexander Gudkov and Polina Gagarina took part in the battle with zombies in virtual reality. At the end of the video the instructor said that the team’s evening show of the First channel and guest star managed to cope with the task on “perfectly”.

We will remind that the son of Polina Gagarina Andrew was born in 2007. Ten years later, the singer gave birth to a daughter who was named MIA. A joyful event in the life of the actress happened at the end of April.