Сын Филиппа Киркорова получил особый подарок от сестренки Little Alla-Victoria devoted brother beautiful poem. In the video, which Philip shared on his page in the social network, the girl shows the card I made for Martin and hugged the boy.

      Сын Филиппа Киркорова получил особый подарок от сестренки

      On Wednesday, your birthday celebrates the son of Philip Kirkorov Martin. The boy was four years old. Russian singer posted on the social network page a touching video. In the video his eldest daughter Alla-Victoria read a beautiful poem which she dedicated to her brother.

      “Today, 29 June, birthday of my son, Martin Filipovich Kirkorov. With such congratulations from his favourite sister, Alla-Victoria started this wonderful day! Whether still will be! The holiday only begins!” – signed video star father.

      Daughter holds beautiful card, which were drawn two figures,depicting her with her brother. Paper guys stand next to each other under the beautiful dark blue lace parasol. Alla-Victoria is showing the card in the camera and reads a poem.

      Video posted by Philip (@fkirkorov) Jun 29 2016 12:50 PDT

      We’re sister and brother,

      Pope our blood

      And about all of us say – two family halves.

      Birthday from you.

      Here it is – my duty is wonderful.

      Among all the other guys better than you, of course.

      A dreamer and pastoralist.

      No coward and no liar,

      You’re a good boy!

      If that fails

      Do not be sad, do not suffer.

      Together later laugh

      All we can do it!

      In the video, the girl gently hugs her brother and kisses him. The girl did not hesitate to speak to the camera. A man proud of his children and tries to give them pleasant surprises. The singer has his own company PhillParty, which organizes holidays for kids. His office threw a party with the fairies, fairy tale characters, dancers, circus poodles and confetti for the daughter of the singer Maksim.

      Presumably the son of Martin Kirkorov in the evening waiting for a great celebration with gifts and entertainment. Philip had already managed to call his famous friends with children at this gala event. Kids will be delighted, because the singer has already managed to prove to all your great organizational skills. At the celebration in honor of Alla-Victoria Banquet hall was decorated as her favorite fairy tale “Cinderella”, the girl greeted the guests in a beautiful white dress to the floor. The guests were amazed at the toy castle with the initials of Alla-Victoria, gorgeous cake and balloons pink color.

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