The son of Opera star Anna Netrebko sang

Сын оперной дивы Анны Нетребко запел The boy can follow in the footsteps of world-famous mom. Anna Netrebko proudly publishes the video, which is noticeable, that her heir has the ability to sing and play the guitar.

      Opera singer Anna Netrebko in September celebrated the birthday of her son, Tiago. The child star was eight years old. The actress and her husband Yusif Eyvazov loved in a boy, they every free moment spend with him and give him all my love.

      Growing up in a creative family, Thiago from an early age began to show attraction to music. The kid listened with pleasure as his mom takes the most difficult Opera arias at the world sites, and then he began to sing. Moreover, the son of Anna Netrebko is not only pleasing to the mother singing, but also learning to play the guitar. For a boy of eight, his skills are quite commendable.

      So, Thiago already knows how to sing a lullaby, which seems to really like his little friend. The video that Netrebko has published in his microblog, baby joyfully moving along to the music of his older comrade.

      We will remind, the son of a world Opera diva was discovered a feature in development. An autistic boy at first it was hard to communicate with their peers, but soon. Thanks to the combined efforts of professionals and family, he overcame that barrier. Thiago is having a great time in the company of his friends and often goes out with famous parents. Last month, the boy took part in the program “Evening Urgant”, where he was joined by Anna and Yusif.

      A few years ago, after learning about the problem son, Netrebko was shocked, but quickly took itself in hands and has begun to work. The baby began to engage the best specialists and was soon made notable progress in its development. “I want to say to those women who have autistic children, do not be afraid that all this can be developed up to normal standards, that children should go to school and learn,” asked Anne for all mothers in a similar situation.

      Anna Netrebko gave the son an unforgettable holiday

      It is interesting that Netrebko by his example shows others that her life is filled with happiness and joy. Not long ago, the family was vacationing in Spain. Anna, Yusif and Thiago traveled to different cities and went on trips to see the sights of the Sunny country. Netrebko shared colourful photos with your followers in Instagram. Also during the trip, the Opera star celebrated the anniversary of the engagement.