The son of Olga Kabo: “Marry mommy!”

Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!» Little Victor gave “StarHit” first ever interview. The child is told why falling asleep on the performances of a mother, what are his secrets from her and talks with her older sister. According to the boy, he likes the teacher, but to go to the altar, he expects his beloved mother.

      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»

      Victor, who is 31 January will be 4.5 years, we meet in a country house of the family. “I was preparing for interviews, choosing clothes for my mom and myself – to go said the boy. – Look at us baby!” But during shooting, the child is asked to stay in frame one: “Mom and so every day taking pictures!”

      Come soon

      Victor, were you nervous before the first interview?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»Not really. Mom asked me to act like an adult. If I don’t indulge, I got a surprise from her.
      You and mom love to do?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»On horses and ride. We have a horse named Patron, we go to it every week. I love him, he has beautiful ears and slender legs. Affectionately call him Victor, treated with apples, carrots and sugar, brushing the tail. Even my mother draw planes, houses… Reading – I love “Winnie the Pooh”.—
      Mom tours a lot – you miss her?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»Yeah, when she calls her dad from out of town, I pick up the phone and say, “Come quickly!” The return of mom, we buy her lilies of the valley. I love it when she cooks me pasta and a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and sour cream. I help – after eating clean in the sink dirty dishes.—
      And in kindergarten you like?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»Yes, I have friends there, Sonya, Alex, Lisa, Marina… the Boys play in the race, and girls with dolls. Sonia, by the way, is afraid of our dogs – dachshunds Boni and Piglet. Mom sometimes takes them with him when he accompanies me to the Park, and Sonya at the sight of the dog hiding – she’s a coward. And I’m with Bony and Piglet are friends. In the morning they Wake me up – jump in bed and lick your face. But I don’t like it, I just love to sleep, and my mom says that I am a heavy sleeper.
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»
      What are you doing home?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»Taught in English. Mom called home teacher Cengiz, he taught me to count, I know the words cat, dog, ball, red. When he comes, I told him Hello and when he goes: Bye-bye!Review mom: “last Summer my family and I were vacationing in Greece. Son heard everything they say not in Russian, and was very upset that no one understands and that he can’t understand someone else’s speech. Said, “Mom, I want to learn English!” Great motivation! Upon returning home I was invited to Viti teacher for language.”—
      And sport do you do?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»A lot of running around – the room. Even my dad twice a week I go to the pool I learned to swim. And in the garden the yoga – look, I can sit in the Lotus position!

      Pussy and Cat

      Your sister Tanya is 18 years old. What is it?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»She pretty much eats, because he wants to be strong. But only boys are strong and girls are weak. Tanya and playing Angry Birds, but mom doesn’t like it when we “sit” in the phone, can noise. But in General she is a kind – call us with Tanya Pussy and pussy.

      Review mom: “Tanya graduated from the Moscow state Academy of choreography at the Bolshoi theater. While studying, she had to always watch the weight, because every quarter the girls weighed, if there were even extra grams could deduct. And Tanya had to constantly “experiment” with different diets. Now her daughter is already studying on the 2nd course of the ballet master faculty of GITIS, a hunger, perhaps, remain forever… So when we are all together we have lunch or dinner, Tanya can eat everything served on the table. And Victor is surprised: “You eat so much!”—
      And dad strict?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»Sometimes. When I throw toys, I don’t want to stand in the garden or crying for no reason, he says: “Victor, are you a girl?” But still every day brings me gifts – robomary, cars… And mother said to him: “Why do you spoil Vitya?”Review mom: “Victor – child-holiday. He’s not doing anything that would cause our husband and indignation, was forced to raise his voice. Nick tries to have son to grow up a real man: if Victor is a control freak, the husband explains that boys should not cry. But if the son’s being a bad boy, I said, “Victor, you don’t want to I was upset, crying and that I had wrinkles? You don’t want, so I stopped smiling and became old?” He hugs me tightly: “Prosti, mother dear!” (Vityusha recently started to pronounce the letter “R”.)—
      Victor, and who the mother is?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»She’s an artist, once I off the stage even hand waved. And I was tired and almost fell asleep on the play. But he restrained himself, because it was necessary for a mother to watch and clap for her… And she recently played snow white. Before the New year we went on holiday, there was a Santa Claus. I looked closer, and her mother’s nose. Telling dad: “Oh, she thinks I’m really silly and believe…”

      You got from mom secrets? Or do you tell her everything?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»All! For example, about the fact that in the garden I like Lisa, she’s following me around and if you can catch me, kisses. And I love the teacher’s Marina, she’s my fiancée. But I’m still married to my mom!Review mom: “Yes, this piece of news son, I am newly taken aback. I said, “what about dad?” and he said: “the Pope loves me! He will understand us!”—
      Who will you be when you grow up?
      Сын Ольги Кабо: «Женюсь на маме!»Soldier or a pirate – but good, not evil. I’ll swim the seas. And mom can take!—
      But women on a pirate ship can not be…
      Then it will be your ship.