The son of Olga, Gazhienko faced with a serious disease

Сын Ольги Гажиенко столкнулся с серьезным заболеванием The boy’s condition suddenly deteriorated. However, the appeal to physicians is not turned. Olga Gazhienko complained of bad work of physicians and regretted that he had to call an ambulance.
Сын Ольги Гажиенко столкнулся с серьезным заболеванием

Olga Gazhienko used to share with fans the events of his personal life. She often posts family photos and loves to talk about the success of son Cyril. Recently, the boy was faced with a serious disease. Worrying for his health, the young mother hurried to call an ambulance, but the doctors visit turned into a nightmare.

In social networks Olga told that doctors could not even diagnose. The survey was conducted roughly, bringing the kid a fair amount of discomfort. In the end, Gazhienko sorry that all turned to the experts.

“He couldn’t sleep from the pain in the abdomen, and once fell asleep, an ambulance arrived, had to Wake up. And it was hell of winding us in and out of hospitals, examinations, and tests. In the ambulance shaking so that will be sick and without rotavirus. The surgeon in the hospital examined the baby’s stomach so hard like beat. Cyril hooks from the pain, and he said he plays on the audience”, – has told eks-the participant “Houses-2”.

Olga said that she suspected the child has this diagnosis. However, the excitement over the well-being of Cyril forced her to call an ambulance. In the end, the doctor prescribed the standard treatment, which Gazhienko could be applied independently.

According to the young woman, the daughter of her younger sister Margaret also faced health problems. However, the relative chose to fight the disease on their own.

“Bella got it too, but her parents are not alarmists and do not have to carry on hospitals. And she’s better now. And I have a sense that we shouldn’t have naucili child. Would be better if he slept. But every time I fear something serious to overlook, play safe”, – said Olga.

Now being Cyril has returned to normal. Gazhienko hopes that these experienced problems won’t affect the baby’s health. Fans advised the young woman to listen to the advice of doctors, because the self usually does not end well.

The very same Olga has managed to go for a walk with her son and husband. Apparently, he almost recovered.

Communicating with fans, a young woman noted that the problem is not specific hospital or ambulance, and in Russian medicine as a whole. In the future, Olga hopes to avoid delays and hassles when handling to the experts.