The son of Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov went on the big stage

Сын Ольги Дроздовой и Дмитрия Певцова вышел на большую сцену
Elisha made his debut in the theater.

Olga Drozdova son


The son of Olga Drozdova and
Dmitry Pevtsov made his debut in the new role. 10-year-old Elisha came on the scene
Drama theater in Tbilisi, the home of the grandparents on the father. Boy
personally presented Dmitry Pevtsov. The young musician played the composer’s works
Alexander Goedicke. Dmitry Pevtsov explained that he wanted to son to understand what it’s like
this is to hold the attention of thousands audience. The hall applauded for the child, and
after the speech, he admitted that “a little worried”.

Recall, together with
parents Elisha Singers on the scene already came out, this happened at the competition “Its
track” 3 years ago his star parents sang and gave to sing a few
words into the microphone Elisha. At that moment, he was very upset, and parents to
cheer up son, held his hand.