The son of Oleg Tabakov has told about the relation with the actress

Сын Олега Табакова поведал о связи с актрисой Pavlo Tabakov and Maria Fomin considered one of the most beautiful couples in the Russian cinema. The heir of the famous actor and Director first told reporters as he met the chosen one and how rapidly began their romance.

      Сын Олега Табакова поведал о связи с актрисой

      The lovers are together less than a year, but has managed to play in a candid photoshoot and a few times to Shine on the red carpet. Their fans say that Mary and Paul look very impressive together.

      However, about the relationship with each other couple never talks, instead of words they post to social networks a lot of joint photos, which you can say that Paul and Maria are very happy. In the first joint interview with the beloved actor admitted that he became personally acquainted with Mary at the rehearsal, Konstantin Bogomolov at the theatre. Their relationship began so fast that not even the candy-bouquet period.

      Before young people met each other, they are very skeptical of novels with colleagues on the scene. “I think, overall, if you ever had a relationship with the actress, everything else will already be bored. I don’t have anyone on the course is not met,” said Paul. In turn, she supported his choice, noting that while a person is young, he may have many interests, and can develop something new and to create a family in twenty years too early.

      Interestingly, the lovers spend time together not only at home but also at work. Soon fans of young artists will be able to assess their first joint work, where they, incidentally, will appear as a pair.

      In the film based on the play “Gnezdo gluharya” young people will play lovers. Tabakov-Junior, the screen will be the son of the main character Stepan Sudakov, whom the father wants to send to study in MGIMO. However, the young man is seriously passionate about his classmate, the daughter of a saleswoman and a felon, therefore, opposes the will of the father. Its role will be performed by Maria Fomina.

      Despite a romantic relationship with a partner on the film, on set young man can detach himself or herself from reality and immerse themselves in work. “At least try”, – confessed the young heir of Oleg Tabakov. “We don’t focus on the fact that our life and screen roles match,” – said Fomin in an interview with the magazine “OK!”.

      Pavel Tabakov debuted in cinema in 2014. He played a major role in directing the work of Anna Melikyan “Star”. Starring in such a blockbuster, the actor has managed to assert itself not only as the son of the famous Oleg Pavlovich, but also as an independent person. But Maria Fomina and again adorned the pages of glossy magazines, and also appeared in several popular films, for example, in “the circus Princess” and “father’s daughter”.

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