Сын Никаса Сафронова насмерть сбил пенсионерку

The famous artist Nikas Safronov will have a difficult period. It will be linked with feelings about his son – a 24-year-old pianist Luka Zatravkin the. This was caused by the accident, which resulted in the death of the pensioner.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, the musician in his car knocked down a pensioner, who at red lights decided to cross the road. Apparently, the woman was late for the bus. It is reported that she was not in a crosswalk, and diagonally. Alas, to avoid the collision failed.

Unlike many members of the “star youth” Luke disappeared from the scene, and immediately tried to render assistance to the injured. Zatravkin called for an ambulance, but it arrived on the scene of an accident the medics managed to save the woman’s life.

“Upon road accident criminal case will be brought in which will be installed all the circumstances of the accident and the degree of culpability of the driver. Young driver is shocked by this tragedy and plans to assist the family of the deceased in any way possible”, — said the lawyer of Luke.

“I was riding safely on a green light. Already passed the transition, and then on the left side was a woman. I immediately ran to her, tried to help, people ran up — there were many witnesses who all saw the situation. Then I was taken to test, did all the tests necessary”, — commented on the incident itself Zatravkin.

the guy admits that he still can’t recover from the shock and tragedy of the death of an innocent man: “Such a misfortune happened, I don’t know how to live. Understand that for the families this grief, tragedy. Don’t know what to do. I have always tried to live honestly.”

It is noteworthy that for help and protection to his star father Zatravkin not addressed.


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