У сына Майкла Дугласа проблемы с законом из-за наркотиков

The eldest son of iconic American actor Michael Douglas, Cameron got in trouble – he is trouble with the law. He faces a term of imprisonment for possession and trafficking in heroin. 38-year-old man can go to jail for 5 years. A week ago, this decision was made by a Federal judge in new York.

The history of the drug began in 2009. Then Cameron Douglas in a luxury hotel in Manhattan sold the accomplices of drugs. Learned about this management agents for combating drugs and got a stellar sibling on the hot. Douglas, Jr., sold a sachet of methamphetamine police officer in plain clothes. He was arrested on the spot. As it turned out, the dealer Cameron passed by his clients. According to them, the man at his trade “high” received tens of thousands of dollars. The actor’s son admitted his guilt fully and said that in addition to the stores of methamphetamine and dealing cocaine and heroin. Cameron was sentenced to house arrest. However, this man was different. One of his girlfriends tried to smuggle him drugs in an electric toothbrush. The girl was exposed. Thereafter, the case was referred to the court. Under American law, for the offense of drug provides for up to 10 years in prison. Realizing the deplorable situation, Douglas Jr. began to cooperate with the investigation and surrendered his accomplices. For this, the court knocked off him half the time.
But the adventure Cameron has not ended. This spring the man didn’t pass the mandatory drug screening, which he appointed upon their release. His blood found drugs. Moreover, the laboratory staff complained to Douglas, Jr., accused of pressure and try to manipulate the sample. Bailiffs appointed a number of tests, but they confirmed the presence of drugs in blood of Cameron.
Now, the court again announced the verdict on imprisonment of 5 years. The son of all the forces fighting Michael Douglas. He initiated a petition to change the verdict and give Cameron a chance. For the heir of Douglas Sr. hired therapist. According to him, as Cameron’s terrible and he needs a long rehabilitation.
Recall that Cameron is the son of Michael Douglas from his first marriage to Diandra Douglas. In 1997, the guy debuted in the film “Mr. Cool” and was seriously motivated to pursue an acting career. Then he starred with his father and grandfather in the film “family values”, and also played a role in “dazed”, “Adam and eve” and the Beautiful Outsiders.