The son of Mary Kozhevnikova grows a bully

Сын Марии Кожевниковой растет хулиганом Two-year-old Vanya likes to play pranks and is absolutely not afraid of cameras. Maria Kozhevnikova doted in a small Tomboy, happily showing it to journalists, unlike their second son.

      Сын Марии Кожевниковой растет хулиганом

      31-year-old actress and MP Maria Kozhevnikova — the mother of two charming sons, two-year-old Vanya and Maxim. The eldest child of the actress from childhood accustomed to live under the attention of the cameras. Kozhevnikov takes him with her to social events. Little Vanya willingly communicates with journalists, answering their questions and smiling for photographers. Immediately obvious — the star child. But the younger son, Maxim, Maria, while keeping the attention from the media. Even if she comes with him, the actress diligently turns his face from the press, the journalists only by showing his furry neck.

      Maybe after some time and max will learn to feel yourself in a variety of premieres like a fish in water. Ivan, as a true fashionista, walking freely among the stars. For him, the TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva almost as a mother, the boy calls her “aunt Valerie”.

      Who will be her son, Maria Kozhevnikova yet. Will grow — will decide by himself, and the mother is trying to develop it in all directions: sings him songs and plays, teaches him to tumble in rehearsals acrobatic show “Without insurance”. Grandpa and the kid, two-time Olympic champion ice hockey player Alexander Kozhevnikov teaches John how to handle a Golf club and score goals.

      A young mother jokingly calls Ivan a bully. “This is my relaxation, — said Kozhevnikov about the son. Look into his eyes, and immediately such a relaxation comes. He also likes to Skoda. If you van give will, he would soon destroy”.

      After the birth of Vani actress gained 40 pounds. According to Kozhevnikova, this is her not a bit upset, because pregnancy is the best time for a woman. Immediately after Mary gave birth to the child, she for a few months he lost weight. Fans of the star wondering how she could so quickly get back into great shape.

      The secret of the actress is to exercise. Maria decided to participate in the show “Without insurance” not only to try a new role and perform extreme stunts, but also to lose weight. “When the whole country is watching you, it changes everything, it’s a huge incentive, if you will, a kick in a place that likes to sit on the couch. I’m as lazy as many,” Kozhevnikova wrote in his microblog.

      Over time, splits, flips in the air and drills with a rope became familiar to Mary. Subscribers beauties in Instagram regularly see photos of her with rehearsals. One of the last pictures Kozhevnikova doing the splits in the air. Despite long practice, Mary still recognizes that sometimes feels fear. “Note on the lips. I have learned not to give myself away, but his lips give me mercilessly,” shares the actress with her fans.

      The success of the actress in acrobatics is great progress for her, because once she’s in a bad dream could not dream that she performs tricks. “I couldn’t even think that I would ever walk on the log and do the somersaults and the splits,” said Maria Kozhevnikova journalists of NTV.

      Video published Kozhevnikova Maria (@mkozhevnikova) 16 APR 2016 10:43 PDT

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