The son of Mary Kozhevnikova earned more than stellar mom

Сын Марии Кожевниковой заработал больше, чем звездная мама
Two-year Maxim received his first salary.

The Son Of Mary Kozhevnikova — Maxim

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova from childhood teaches his sons that the man should be able to provide for themselves and their family. Two-year Maxim recently received his first paycheck. The son of Mary took part in a fashion show, for which he received remuneration. Kozhevnikova says that she began to earn while still quite young.

“I came to the podium in 5 years and earned almost as much as my father for a month, being then the double Olympic champion! And my sons already beat me to it. Of course, I do not mind children the future models, but in such moments the child is aware of what is working and how to get the money. So yesterday honestly earned his gift and chose typewriter.

And, despite the fact that we were late for the rehearsal and we were only given verbal instructions relaxed my two year old walked the catwalk, stopping at the desired point and also withdrew with dignity, and the sight knocked me out! He knew that he has a motivation that he can afford to buy any gift received from me personally a small amount. This motivation worked flawlessly!” — said Maria.

Recall that in July Kozhevnikova has become a mother of many children. Now she is raising three sons: Ivan, Mascoma and their younger brother, whose name is yet kept secret.