The son of Mark Rozovsky hospitalized with severe trauma

Сын Марка Розовского госпитализирован с тяжелой травмой The heir to the famous Director had to turn to medical professionals. According to journalists, Simon Rozovsky hit my head in the theater, which is headed by his father. The young man was taken away by the ambulance.
Сын Марка Розовского госпитализирован с тяжелой травмой

In mass media appeared information about the fact that the son of 81-year-old Mark Rozovsky Simon was urgently hospitalized. According to some, the young man received a head injury, doctors assessed her as heavy. Currently, the successor of the Director is located in the City clinical hospital named after Pirogov.

It is reported that Simon needed the help of medical professionals after the incident in the theater “Nikitsky gate”, which is headed by his father. The son of a famous Director fell, and suffered head injury. Simon he called himself an ambulance.

The son of a famous Director known not so much. Judging by the Seed pages in social networks, he studied management at the International University in Moscow. This year young people will receive the diploma of higher education.

Сын Марка Розовского госпитализирован с тяжелой травмой

Mother Seeds – the honoured artist of Russia Tatiana Revzin. She is the Director and musical Director of the theater “Nikitsky gate.” Revzin younger Rozovsky a quarter of a century, but this did not prevent family happiness spouse. In one interview, Tatiana Iosifovna said that her husband – amazing energy.

Before you start Dating, Revzin and Rozovsky several years worked side by side in the theater. All complicated by the fact that at that time, mark Grigorievich and Tatiana Iosifovna was not free. At first, the lovers did not tell anyone about their relationship, but then the time came when they ceased to hide feelings for each other. After some time Revzina and Rozovsky came, and then they had a son Simon. When the boy was a year old, his parents arranged a two-day celebration of the changing family situation.

According to Revzin, the husband spends time with his son. When Simon was in school, mark G. constantly pampered him. The famous Director and his successor addicted to football and basketball, as well as constantly discussing various topics. Wife Rozovsky believes that the Seeds of the philosophical mind.

By the way, not so long ago, the famous Director was at the center of a sex scandal. Former colleagues accused him of harassment. It all started when a similar statement was made by Azerbaijani actress and singer Fatima Abaskuliyeva. She shared her story in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Mark G. denies such information. In his opinion, Fatima “inadequate lady.” “She is really a little touched. Was kicked out of theater for bringing something to the stage,” said Rozovsky. Mark Rozovsky is preparing to court with a student who accused him of rape

According to the materials of REN TV and “360”.