The son of Maria Shukshina gone, leaving a pregnant bride

Сын Марии Шукшиной пропал, бросив беременную невесту Makar Kasatkin stopped communicating with loved ones. According to some, the young man went to another country. Freya silber argues that the heir of Maria Shukshina ignores her and purposely not answering.
Сын Марии Шукшиной пропал, бросив беременную невесту

Beloved son of Maria Shukshina Makar Kasatkina claims that he left her. Freya silber, who previously accused the choice of beating and distribution of prohibited substances, applied for the program, “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to attract public attention to its history.

Maria Shukshina for the first time commented on the scandal involving his son

After the previous release of the program with the participation of Zilber more than a month. According to the girl, Makar wasn’t trying to go out with her. Freya now lives with a friend. Says ex-lover Makar Kasatkina, he’s not answering his phone and opens her door. Winter clothes Zilber was the son Shukshina, and the new clothes and shoes she had no money. Neighbors say that Makar moved out of his apartment.

Сын Марии Шукшиной пропал, бросив беременную невесту

During UZI silber found out that she is expecting a boy. Freya wants to do a DNA test, but, according to the girl, the son of a famous actress opposes the idea. In search of Makar correspondents of the transmission and came to his grandmother Zoe Kasatkina.

“He disappeared somewhere. I called him, he didn’t answer. It is impossible to find. I think he would appear. As he is lost somewhere and appear somewhere else… Then it turns out that it was not his child. What is this girl? I feel sorry for him. I think he had been deceived. It is very sad and unpleasant story. Like Mariya said to her, “give Birth,” said an elderly woman.
Сын Марии Шукшиной пропал, бросив беременную невесту

In the words of my grandfather Makar Kasatkina, Mikhail, the young man early became independent. “He lives alone at age 14. What do you want at this age? He’s walking somewhere, his friends were taken to the police,” he said.

Reporters contacted the father of Makarov Alexey Kasatkin. He doubts the sincerity of the intentions of Freya. In the opinion of men, that she could purposely adjust the situation.

“I think the girl if she got pregnant, she wants to give birth, register the child in the apartment and everything. Probably there is behind it the company that says, “let’s get this fool off in traffic, now you have the baby, will register there and everything, and have an apartment on Taganka”. It was put together Barnaul from Moscow. I’m trying to figure that out… Fortunately the apartment is on the mother, and he can’t prescribe it”, – says Alexey Kasatkin.

Freya’s mother is worried for her daughter. She asked the girl, she brought the baby home, to Barnaul. “You can’t take the sleepless nights, anxiety for the child, duties. (…) You can’t care about anyone even about yourself.”– quoted in the transfer message women.