Сын Марии Мироновой готовится затмить мировых звезд The young man got the main role in the new project. Maria Mironova did not disclose all the cards, but other heir resounding success. Fans were quick to support Andrew, who was able to prove to the Director your talent.

The son of Maria Mironova Andrey did not ruin the family tradition and also went in the footsteps of famous relatives. Now the young man was an actor of theater. E. Vakhtangov. My mom is heir, and believes that he has a great future in film. She told the fans that now the young man was offered the main role in a big project. The joy the actress shared in the microblog.

“The first day of shooting! The main role! A huge project! Russian “Titanic”. With God, son! Leonardo DiCaprio will finally send on the deserved rest,” wrote Mironov in the social network.

Followers hastened to make compliments of Mary and her son. They wished the 25-year-old actor success and hoped to soon see him on the big screen. “With God! In a good way – the son of a talented mother, the grandson of the grandfather is brilliant! Good luck”, “good luck Andrew. Let creative road will be long and never-ending”, “good Luck in all your endeavors! Happy acting road!” – written by fans of the actress.

For the budding actor’s first starring role. He previously appeared in the episodes.

Maria is glad that her son followed in her footsteps, although initially dreamed of becoming a Director. The actress supports the initiatives of the successor and happy with his success. Also, the actress was told that for a long time he met a girl Xenia. Mironov fully approve of his selection and even does not exclude that will soon be a grandmother. However, she warned young people that are not ready to sit with the kids. Maria Mironova is not going to babysit grandchildren

Despite the fact that the artist talks about his son’s sex life, about herself she prefers to keep silent. After her divorce from Alex Makarovym Mironov was not recognized in the novels. Last year, the orientalist Dmitry Kosyrev made a personal horoscope for celebrities, where you lifted the veil of secrecy.

“I see that Maria is not alone. Her life is filled with tenderness, passion and endless understanding, patience on her part and the part of the elect. Now in the personal life of the actress one of the most happy periods. Perhaps that is why she does not advertise companion is afraid to frighten happiness,” – said the expert.