Сын Константина Хабенского носит младшую сестру на руках The famous actor spoke about how his baby grow up. Little Ivan, who is studying in the Spanish school, came on summer vacation to his father. Keira Knightley went with the boy to Sochi, then took him to a house in the suburbs.
Сын Константина Хабенского носит младшую сестру на руках

Nine-year-old son Konstantin Khabensky, who was born in the first marriage of the actor with journalist Anastasia Smirnova, getting an education abroad. Ivan is studying in the boarding school, located in Barcelona. The actor adores the baby and flies to Spain at the first opportunity. These summer vacations he spends in Russia with his father.

Before the beginning of the school year the actor has promised his son to take him for the summer to myself, if a boy had no behavior problems. In the end, the actor has kept his word.

Recently Konstantin heir went to Sochi to the children’s festival, organized with the assistance of the Studio of creative development “Tail”. The actor and his son were walking through the city, swam in the sea together and went on stage.

Сын Константина Хабенского носит младшую сестру на руках

Friend Knightley says that in Spain students are constantly encouraged to think about. In the orphanage they do not provide ready explanations, and offer to search for answers to questions. This applies, for example, work with the literature.

“Knightley said to me, say, fear only one thing – that I take away his childhood. But he noted, saying that the steep education will give the son a chance to be smarter and better than me. Vanya also knows he has to study well. He told my dad that he would do either in Oxford or in Harvard. The actor joked: say, another year to live freely spending money, and then will save for a new son to educate,” said a friend of the actor.

Now little Ivan is resting on the country artist in the Moscow region. Constantine was worried before the meeting with one-year-old son Sasha, who was born in his second marriage with Olga Litvinova, but the fears of the actor is not confirmed. Children of the stars get along well with each other. Knightley cried when Ivan took Sasha in his arms.

Moreover, according to a friend of the artist, there was a time when Ivan called the current darling of the father’s mother. But then immediately as if he pulled himself. The actor hastened to reassure heir. “Vanya, it’s all good,” leading journalists saying celebrity.

According to a friend of Constantine, he sincerely is proud of the achievements of Ivan. The boy studying in class in Humanities, where the focus on foreign languages, literature, history, art and culture. The child has no problems with languages – he is fluent in English and Spanish, and also shows good results in tests for IQ, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.