The son of Kate Middleton talked with the President of America

Сын Кейт Миддлтон пообщался с президентом Америки Prince George held a first ever summit. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have visited Kate Middleton and Prince William at Kensington Palace.

      Сын Кейт Миддлтон пообщался с президентом Америки

      Two-year-old heir to the British throne Prince George makes first steps in the art of diplomacy. The day before the baby held the first summit meeting, after meeting with us President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, who received an invitation to dinner at Kensington Palace. The meeting occurred in the presence of the parents of Prince George and his uncle Prince Harry.

      Distinguished guests were late, even a little, and they would find Prince George is already asleep. However, the example of her younger sister Charlotte, who was snoring peacefully, while her parents Kate Middleton and Prince William took the presidential couple, Prince George still came out to greet Obama. The boy greeted the guests in my pajamas and dressing gown that only added to the charm of this late rendezvous. As befits in these cases, Prince George and Barack Obama exchanged a friendly handshake, and then the baby, to the delight of adults rode a white rocking-horse, which was presented to him by the President of America when Prince was first born.

      Touching moments of this meeting were captured by photographer and then by the press service of Kensington Palace made them public by posting in the microblog. The press service also said that George thanked Barack Obama for this gift.

      Сын Кейт Миддлтон пообщался с президентом Америки

      It should be noted that high guests from abroad arrived in the UK to take part in celebrations on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. After meeting with the head of the British throne, Barack and Michelle Obama received an invitation from the Duchess Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William become guests of Kensington Palace.

      By the way, after the festivities devoted to the jubilee of the Queen, British monarchs family is waiting for another event, perhaps less ambitious, but still meaningful. May 2, turns a year old youngest daughter Kate Middleton and Prince William Charlotte. As told in a recent interview with the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, the head of the British throne loves to pamper their little heirs and never forgets to do so pleasing the kids their gifts. “As soon as George and Charlotte come to visit the Elizabeth II , every morning, she leaves their room, small pleasant gifts, told Kate Middleton to journalists. Is just one of the few evidence of her strong love for family.”

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