The son of Ilya Reznik went to the police for car theft

Сын Ильи Резника загремел в милицию за угон машины The offspring of the poet himself spoke of his misconduct – in the program “Tonight”. Maxim, son of Ilya Reznik, once stole dad’s car, violated traffic rules and resisted law enforcement while trying to stop him.
Сын Ильи Резника загремел в милицию за угон машины

This year Ilya Reznik has noted 80-summer anniversary. On this occasion, in the Studio of the First channel to visit Yulia Menshovoj and Maxim Galkin on the “Tonight” came his colleagues, family and friends, to remember, to talk, to laugh and to listen to songs based on the poems.

Almost all guests said what great shape is the hero of the day. Reznik admitted that it’s all thanks to wife – third wife, the master of sports of athletics Ilya Rahmielevich finally found true happiness, however, children in this marriage there.

In General, Reznik five children. Older from first marriage, max and Alice, son Arthur he gave birth to his second wife, Uzbek choreographer and dancer Munira Argimbaeva, and two illegitimate – son Eugene and daughter Elena.

Closer to Reznik’s son Maxim, who, after the divorce of his parents, wanted to live with his father and together with his father moved to Moscow. And in the capital an incident happened which Maxim says with a smile. The son of a butcher stole dad’s car, actually took without permission, without a license. Resnick Jr. staged a real race, trying to break away from the pursuing patrol cars, felt like an action hero. In the end Maxim was caught and beaten.

Сын Ильи Резника загремел в милицию за угон машины“It was a “top five” red, where my father taught me to drive. It was not, and I wanted to go, drove half the city, then turned around in the wrong place. Me went black “Volga”, of which I showed the certificate, apparently, the KGB man. But I outran him. Then the patrol was chasing me, I am also running away, they shouted into a megaphone: “6330, pressed right!” Well, I pressed, they told me a little broke, brought to the office, well, let go, and the car left to itself”, – said Maxim Reznik.
Сын Ильи Резника загремел в милицию за угон машины

When the father learned what happened, he his son did not even scolded. This fact surprised everyone who was in the Studio. As Maxim explained the lack of punishment for a misdemeanor simply: “no he did not. Why? I’m fine, the car was intact. What you need to do to me?” said the son of Ilya Reznik. He added: “I also your raise – just that he was alive and well. Everything!”

Specify that Maxim Reznik followed in the footsteps of his famous father and also works with the word – he is a journalist, essayist, playwright. Relationship with dad for Maxim mean a lot, of his son he named after his father Elijah. Grandson of the poet today, by the way, visited for the first time on television.