The son of Igor Vernik, who became the copy of his father, repeats the fate of the actor

Сын Игоря Верника, ставший копией отца, повторяет судьбу актера
The artist is proud of the successes of Gregory.

Сын Игоря Верника, ставший копией отца, повторяет судьбу актера

Igor Vernik’s son Gregory

Photo: Instagram

Igor Vernik, posting a photo of his son,18-year-old Gregory, once again
showed how strong genetics in
their family in the male line. And the resemblance
men in this family not only external
— all Vernici way connected with
art, theatre and cinema. The father of the actor — Emil wernick graduated from the theatre Institute also
did Igor. Twin brother, TV presenter
is a professional journalist
and the chief editor of a famous magazine about movie stars.

Now in the first year of the school-Studio
The Moscow art theatre, where he studied Igor, learning
and Grisha. Wernick proud of the son who
successfully passed its first session. «Son
passed the last test in his first
sessions! Passed in
teacher who has studied and I’m thirty
years ago!! I was 16 years old when
I entered the School-Studio of MKHAT, and Grisha
— 17″!

note that 54-year-old actor the soul is not
denotes a capable young man and in every way it
support, especially, Gregory,
being quite independent young
man, still not up to the end
«feathered.» He lives with his father,
which, of course, very convenient to
to do homework assignments, which ask students in high school — stage partner always
near. «At
man this sotovarischestvo.
Somehow I staggered home late at night,
and the first thing my son said, “Dad, we
now do the study. Two people in
the train, one important to sleep, and the other
comes, starts eating the chicken and so
further. And how here it?”And we had an hour
fantasizing, joking, joking,
laughed,” said

Igor Vernik with father Emil

Photo: Instagram

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