The son of Igor Vernik entered the School-Studio of MKHAT

Сын Игоря Верника поступил в Школу-студию МХАТ
The actor spoke about reaching Gregory.

Igor Vernik’s son Gregory

Photo: @Instagram ivernik Igor Vernik

The son of Igor Vernik — Gregory this year graduated from high school. After he passed the exam he was waiting for another test: entrance exam in the School-Studio of MKHAT it was there that the 17-year-old boy decided to continue his training. Gregory successfully coped with the test. Igor is incredibly proud of his son, who will now attend the course Yevgeny Pisarev.

“My son, I happy, turned to Gregory wernick. Today you passed the main test for this stage of life and enrolled in the acting course in the School-Studio of MKHAT! I know that this event now will change and define the rest of your life! Proud of you! Believe in you! In continuation of our dynasty! You got into the best drama school in the world! To the teacher Yevgeny Pisarev, whom I infinitely respect and love!”

By the way, the younger wernick’s not the only star kid who decided to connect his life with the actor’s craft. Daughter of the singer of Glory was also going to go to drama school.