The son of Igor Talkova’s getting married after five years of relationship

Сын Игоря Талькова женится спустя пять лет отношений The heir to the musician blends the knot this fall. Igor Talkov Jr. and his fiancee Svetlana Zimina has not been able to take this step. The wedding will take place on September 30.
Сын Игоря Талькова женится спустя пять лет отношений

The heir to the musician’s 35-year-old Igor Talkov Jr., and his girlfriend, 27-year-old Svetlana Zimina, a month a relationship.

“Here it was necessary first of two sons to do to come to this”, – shared with “StarHit” talc Jr. The couple have been together for almost five years, they have grown up four-year Svyatoslav and one-year-old Miroslav. Now the family will be complete rest in the Crimea and control the process of preparing for the wedding.

“Registration and celebration scheduled for September 30th, the ceremony will be held in the Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye, – told the “StarHit” Svetlana. – I’m probably the calmest bride on earth – a holiday very soon, and we have almost nothing ready, even wedding dresses yet. But I’m not worried about it.
Сын Игоря Талькова женится спустя пять лет отношений

In Moscow remained our friend Irina, part-time member of the family, she took on the organizational hassle. Almost all issues are solved by correspondence in social networks. Guests, by the way, Igor and invite the same – just write a message. But here, in the mountains, catches bad relationship, so not all the friends and loved ones know about your wedding plans”.

By the way, not so long ago Igor Talkov Jr. took part in the filming of “actually”. The young man flew from the Crimea to talk about the mysterious death of his father. A source close to Igor told that he was promised a good fee, but the heir of the stars and was not called to the Studio. Son of Igor Talkova “thrown” on the show Dmitry Shepelev