Сын Игоря Талькова возмущен обманом в передаче "На самом деле"
Though the new program “actually”, which airs on the First channel, recently on television, it has already gained a scandalous reputation.

Сын Игоря Талькова возмущен обманом в передаче "На самом деле"

Guests of the program are dissatisfied with the behavior of not only the presenter Dmitry Shepelev, but in General the whole team of the show. Now from the actions of the organizers of the injured son Igor Talkov, who for the sake of participation in the transmission arrived from the Crimea.

The topic of discussion was the death of Talkova in 1991, but Igor Talkov Jr. did not wait for the airing of the transmission.

“He is the film promised a good fee. For the money he agreed to arrive on time in Moscow. We all know that, despite the loud name, he lives not richly, says the insider. – On the program he had to tell his story, which my father killed. The entire broadcast Igor sat backstage, waiting for its release. But Shepelev didn’t call his Studio”.

Organizers explained this by the fact that other guests were given pretty detailed answers, so the participation of the son of the singer remained necessary.

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