Сын Игоря Талькова разоблачил обман Дмитрия Шепелева
The heir of the musician became a member of the scandal on the set of the show “actually”.

Igor Talkov Jr. and singer Aziz


Igor Talkov Jr. revealed details of his participation in the filming of the show Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. As it became known, the son of a musician he was deceived by the organizers of the program. We are talking about the filming of the feature on the mysterious death of his father. To the shooting were also invited singer Aziza and the mistress of the deceased singer Elena Kondaurova.

Talc Jr. was promised a large fee for participation, for which he arrived in the capital. But, reportedly, money from the organizers of the show Igor has not received, and in most of the Studio program and has not appeared, and not their fault.

“The team really brought Shepelev Igor in the Studio from the Crimea, where he is now touring with his band. Him for the shooting and promised a good fee. For the money he agreed to arrive on time in Moscow. We all know that, despite the loud name, he lives not richly. On the program he had to tell his story, causing his father died. The entire broadcast Igor sat backstage, waiting for its release. But Shepelev never called him in the Studio!” — quoted insiders Sobesednik.ru.

As it turned out during the shoot, revelations Talkov Jr. were the organizers of the show are not necessary, since the dialogue Aziza and Kondaurova happened and so quite “sharp”. And because direct involvement in the release of Igor was not accepted, and the fee not earned, respectively. The result is that the son of the actor traveled to the capital just to sit behind the scenes.

Incidentally, some time ago about cheating on the show “really” and said the singer Danko. He was promised that the air release on his family will be shown the account number to collect money for treatment of his ill daughter. “Then we called the editors promised to support her and to announce a fundraiser, as it was with Zhanna Friske!” — said Danko. But it later emerged that the editors changed their minds and did not indicate in the program details to help daughter Danko.