Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью» 4 Feb famous TV host would have been 85 years old. Igor Kvasha died 30 August 2012. Son of people’s artist Vladimir first told about how he remembered daddy.
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»

Actor and the host of “Wait for me” February 4, would have turned 85. Igor Vladimirovich began in August of 2012, he died in the intensive care unit because of heart problems. To the last breath next to him was his wife, Tatyana Semenovna. It is short lived without a loved one, gone through two and a half years. Until the end of days the spouse was not able to get used to that Igor is no more – she has not even had the courage to remove the ring finger of the right hand and worn on the left ring given on the wedding day.

“For my mother’s father was the main person, – says Vladimir. – Everything in the world around him. She had back pain, and after the death of Pope legs completely denied. Very missed – all complained that it is not a dream… And it’s a no-no and comes. However, the next morning don’t remember details of the dream, but there is a feeling that it was the Pope,” – said Vladimir “StarHit”.

“A difficult profession”

Mom never moved in with you in Peredelkino, preferring to remain in their Igor Vladimirovich apartment…
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»Yes, she said that she was so comfortable, like, in Moscow, is accustomed to, she was under the care of – in recent years, with their parents lived the AU pair. I did not insist on moving, understand that law. Ponadobitsa, for example, the doctor to our village, he could simply not reach. I got five years ago was renal colic, violent pain. A few hours waited for an ambulance, but the medics did not deign to appear.—
Often the children were at her house?
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»I Yes, Nastya and Misha less. Daughter is 26, she’s an environmentalist. Lives in Hungary, writing a thesis at the Central European University. Married, not yet published, although my wife all the time trying to convince her it was time to think about his personal life. But Anastasia says that’s not ready for marriage… Misha 22, learns to master, is an economist. None of us in the footsteps of popes did not go, but he didn’t. Said that this is a difficult profession where much depends not on your efforts and circumstances.—
What are the traits of the father see themselves in the children?
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»I as well as he liked to stick to their line. Dad was a renowned debater, until the last stood his ground. And Nastya and Misha almost nothing from his grandfather not adopted. This is not surprising – after all, they did not live with him under one roof, and the character is not innate, but acquired. As soon as my wife got their first child, we moved out of the parental apartment in Peredelkino at the dacha. Mom and dad often visited on the weekend. Sometimes, even lived a couple of weeks, Napping outdoors in the evenings sat on the veranda, they always had something to talk about. Still, when you look at the sofa and chairs, remember them… my family to move to this apartment we won’t unaccustomed to traffic, smog. But housing, of course is not abandoned, I support everything, as it was when my mom and dad.

“Shakes the feeling that you’re not a kid anymore»

Igor was a strict father?
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»Can’t say that he particularly raised, said that, Vova, do this — no. Just dad was the example, did not tolerate hypocrisy, not compromises with the Soviet government, which created the problem: because of his “Contemporary” is not allowed on tour. And would keep quiet, would get high-paying roles, most be removed.
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»
Last year, when the disease did not let go, how he lived?
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»He not only suffered from problems in the body, but from feelings that can’t work in the same rhythm. Suffering, after all, had to cancel performances and filming “Wait for me”. To sit at the table in the program he could, but to move in Studio or stage sets – with difficulty. The transfer of dad slowly began to replace Michael Efremov in “Ostankino” bags began to receive letters: return to the program Kvasha. People do not realize that he is almost unable to work. Dad never let go of the inhaler, the day could use a few pieces. But Smoking didn’t quit, even though we fought with him. Waved away – a pier, only 6 cigarettes a day. Mother was indignant: “In this condition 6, 26 – all disastrous!”But he was nothing to deny.
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»
Did you after his departure, to regret that you did not have time to do something, to say?
Сын Игоря Кваши: «Говорю с папой как с совестью»That not brought them to Italy. A few months before the death of the Pope, I bought a house there, dreamed that the parents visited it. I regret that they do not see his grandchildren grow up. After the death of mom and dad’s life changed radically. That is the feeling that now you’re in charge, you’re not a kid anymore – it shakes. When you realize that you don’t call for advice, moral support is hard. Sometimes mentally talk to daddy. More precisely, pondering how he would do in a given situation. I think I address to it as to the conscience, when the question of which road to choose at the crossroads.—
The fourth of February will go on Troekurov?
Yes, although I do so from time to time visit the grave – live nearby. In the “Contemporary” come – there will be held the evening of memory of the Pope, will gather his friends. I am glad that father is not forgotten. I think he is very nice.