The son of Galina Bob turned a month

Сыну Галины Боб исполнился месяц
The actress told how growing and developing Andrew.

Galina Bob and son Andrew

The youngest son of Galina Bob Andrew turned one month. At
this occasion, the actress first took my son to the doctor and find out
specialist, well developing baby. The pediatrician examined the baby, not only
reassured, but pleased star mother.

“Everything is so good that you can start thinking about
third child
smiles the actress. — Kidding, really. While the first two would
to understand. On the first statement after a meeting with the pediatrician Andrei acted like
Superman. The pose was appropriate! For a month we gathered in the breast
breastfeeding 610 grams, this is the absolute norm. Feel good”.

Recall, the star of “Devchenok” became a mother
second time at the end of April. Interestingly, even before birth, the actress was
in excess of breast milk as a senior two-year-old son stars Loew was
on natural feeding. Galina was incredibly proud and happy when Leva
refused milk for my brother.

“Let me tell you a story about my little man, — said the actress.
— For the sake of his younger brother Lev refused the most beloved…
Mama’s milk! I honestly thought that it would be impossible or, as
at least, very difficult. Very worried about this. I fed Levu to
that day I left to give birth. And has already presented two hanging on the Tits
boys! Exactly on the day when Leva came to visit us with the baby in
the hospital and asked titony, I more in jest, said to him: “And let’s give
titony brother, then?” And he said, “Come on!” I, of course, did not believe that
it’s as simple as it may end, but Loew kept his word. Since
the moment he never asked, not hysterical, not crying. Just sometimes when
brother eats, it fits, looks, pats Junior on the head and says:
“Little brother gave titony” And all! This is so touching! He says these words with
such tenderness! I’m the most happy at this moment”.