The son of Fyodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk hastened their divorce

Сын Федора и Светланы Бондарчук ускорил их развод The heir to the dreams of the parents, all was well. Despite the divorce, Svetlana Bondarchuk knows that can count on the help of ex-husband. She believes that will forever remain for him an important part of life.

      Сын Федора и Светланы Бондарчук ускорил их развод

      Conversations around the divorce of the Director Fyodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk does not subside until now. Fans make various assumptions about the reasons for their breakup. The couple had lived together happily for 25 years and gave birth to two children, Sergei and Varvara. The heirs are very worried about their parents and wish them nothing but happiness. But Svetlana admits that the son hastened their divorce.

      “You have to understand. Either you are together or not” – have reproduced the phrase son Sergei.

      Now, when in a relationship, Fedor and Svetlana come to an end, each of them trying to build a new happy life. The famous Director is preparing for her wedding with a young actress Paulina Andreeva and Svetlana so far only said that it did not intend to remain one.

      Paulina Andreeva explained why he postponed the wedding with Bondarchuk

      After the news about parting fans Svetlana is literally flooded her comments with words of sympathy. But Bondarchuk doesn’t understand the cause of the intense emotions of people who don’t know her.

      “Many people write in a genuine attempt to support me, what Fedor bad. Wet Bondarchuk. And this is why I need? Fedor – the people’s favorite, talented actor. Now it’s being torn apart, as before tore at me. If tomorrow I happen to get married, everyone will say: “ha Ha, we knew! How long he endured!” And all over again. In fact, all these comments have nothing to do with us. I even wanted to write that friends, I am very grateful for the support, but wait, we live on. And then decided that one statement is sufficient”, – said Svetlana.

      The couple claim that we parted without scandals and mutual accusations. Svetlana understands that their marriage seemed perfect, and was even an example. The separation they needed in order not to lose ourselves. But even after the divorce they continued to maintain friendly relations. Svetlana and Fedor with respect to each other.

      “Yeah, I’ve been working on, I have my own successful projects, but have married women anyway, there are the rear. That has now changed – and a lot more responsibility. Here Fyodor called. I needed his help, he said, “Light, I’ll decide, don’t worry.” He’s not the person who throws. Very decent. I would like to hope that even if tomorrow it all changes drastically – he’s getting married or something, – I him will remain an important part of life,” Svetlana admitted in an interview with Tatler magazine.

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