Сын Елены Яковлевой попал в психбольницу Denis Stray surprised the public with its non-standard appearance. The young man is still interested in music. However, while working on a video for one song, son of Yakovleva and his friend were in a medical institution for the mentally ill.
Сын Елены Яковлевой попал в психбольницу

In early March, the son of the star of the film “intergirl” Denis Crazy with a friend Vladimir Koricheva placed in a psychiatric hospital. In an institution for mentally ill young people were for violent behavior. To lead the brawlers in a sense, the doctors injected them with sleeping pills. However the drug only angered them.

“Denis Vova has his own musical group “2odD” – says the “StarHit” Ivan, man Crazy. – They organized it recently. The boys themselves came up with to remove your first clip in a mental hospital. The staff is young, therefore it was necessary to create something spectacular, to make a statement about yourself. In the story the guys escape from the hospital and stealing someone else’s car.

When doctors learn that their patients left the school, start hunting for them… the Movie was filmed a few months, I think it turned out very colorful! But for those who are interested in the song itself, it’s called “Weight”. The song is already available online for download”.

While young players are just starting to develop their musical group. About his “brainchild” Denis and Vladimir speak briefly: “the Duo of animals in the world of music.” The guys have created accounts in social networks, fans have arranged a professional photo shoot for the new album. The guys soon are already planning to give their first performance before a live audience.

“Our goal is to impregnate your young souls with the energy of two crazy dogs and seven versts not a hook. Let us oddly enough (“too odd”) to see themselves in a new form and the music, we’re going to continue to “mix” themselves in the fun without resorting to the genre framework. There will be many interesting and strange twice. Amen,” said the musicians in his blog.

Despite the provocative video, in the undertakings, the entire family supports Crazy.

“The boy’s mom is pleased that he is engaged in creativity, – continues Ivan. – After all, he has a very strong voice and appearance, which precisely fits into the clip. Also nearby Denis and his wife Vika. I think the guys have a great future! I’m happy for them!”